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New release (0.1.105)

Hope all’s well out there!

Here’s how to upgrade to the latest release.

This latest release is mostly maintenance for Google Cloud (read below). But we did add support for Google Sheets, so you can now export data to Google spreadsheets. MotionScope now takes advantage of this – export the MotionScope data to a Google Sheet which is easy to share, modify, etc. It’s a cool feature.

OK, back to this Google Cloud business – we’ve had some challenges with the Google Cloud configuration in the recent past. The troubles began when the API key that we created exceeded 10000 photos per day, so we documented how to create your own API key, and that fixed the quota issue (as long as your Vizy keeps below 10000 photos per day.) But then Google threw some additional curveballs that have been remedied in the most recent release (0.1.105). (Read below for the details if you’re interested.)

The new Google Cloud authenticating process is described here. It does require you to create a new API key (our apologies if you’ve already been through this process… It’s easier to just create a new API key by following the new video (refer to the page) than to modify the one you’ve already made.

Additionally, if you’re using the Birdfeeder App and Vizy’s Google Photos account already has a “birdfeeder” album. You’ll need to rename it to something else (e.g. “birdfeeder_old”) because the new credentials you create will not be able to write to an album that wasn’t created using the same exact credentials. By renaming the “birdfeeder” album, the new credentials can re-create the “birdfeeder” album and begin writing to it (because it created it.)

That’s a fair amount of hassle… but we expect our Google Cloud configuration will last for a few years, as Google has indicated that things are likely to calm down on their end.

For those who are interested (warning, unnecessary detail):
It turns out that “test” users only get access for 7 days after authentication. So what happened with the previous scheme is things would work for 7 days and then Google would toss your authentication and you’d need to re-authenticate. Fortunately, re-authenticating is fairly quick… but it took us a while to figure out why the credentials were being reset seemingly randomly. To completely fix the issue we needed to change the process so that the app associated with the API key is “published”. But the “out-of-band” authentication (the process where you copy the code into the browser) doesn’t work with published apps. So we created our own authentication server (auth.vizycam.com) that allows you to securely exchange the authentication code. So as of release 0.1.105 this takes place in the background, and the authentication process is somewhat simplified for the user – at least you no longer need to copy the authentication code yourself – Vizy will grab it from our server.

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

The Vizy Team

Hi, I started to get the Google Cloud error re: 10k photos limit.
I am not sure if this is related to 0.1.105, but I was not getting it before and this seems to be the latest thread that mentions it.

Can you please adivse - is there way I could solve this on my end? Thank you

Exception uploading /home/pi/vizy/apps/birdfeeder/media/2022_07_14_15_06_47_770668.jpg <HttpError 429 when requesting https://photoslibrary.googleapis.com/v1/mediaItems:batchCreate?alt=json returned "Quota exceeded for quota metric 'All requests' and limit 'All requests per day' of service 'photoslibrary.googleapis.com' for consumer 'project_number:401120745766'.". Details: "[{'@type': 'type.googleapis.com/google.rpc.ErrorInfo', 'reason': 'RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED', 'domain': 'googleapis.com', 'metadata': {'consumer': 'projects/401120745766', 'service': 'photoslibrary.googleapis.com', 'quota_location': 'global', 'quota_metric': 'photoslibrary.googleapis.com/all_requests', 'quota_limit_value': '10000', 'quota_limit': 'ApiCallsPerProjectPerDay'}}, {'@type': 'type.googleapis.com/google.rpc.Help', 'links': [{'description': 'Request a higher quota limit.', 'url': 'https://cloud.google.com/docs/quota#requesting_higher_quota'}]}]">
Uploading 2022_07_14_15_06_47_770668.jpg

EDIT: I had to create a new application in Google Cloud, just doing new Oauth credentials wasn’t enough. Now everything is working

I tried updating to version 0.1.105 this morning.

I followed along with the instructions to setup Google services until I got to the ‘Authorizing’ step, where I got this error:

Do you have any hints on how to proceed?

Hi Ed,
In the video around 2:57, there is the authorized redirect URL (https://auth.vizycam.com). If it’s slightly different (http vs https, or an extra / at the end) it will fail (unfortunately). Please give it check.


Hi Ed,
Just checking in – how are things?

Hi edge. Things are fine.

Sorry for not posting an update - I just haven’t had time to go back through the Google authorization yet.

Good morning edge.

I went back through the Google services setup again and everything worked ok this time.

It was probably just a typo on my end. I did “Remove authorization” in the Vizy Google config dialog before I started but I’m not sure if that was required (don’t think I did that the 1st time).

Hi Ed,
That’s good – thanks. It’s possible to click on “Edit API services” and it will take you to the Google Console so you can make changes. You can then re-download the API key. So it is possible to “edit” the API key instead of having to go through the entire create-key process. The API key is a sore spot though. It’s too complex and not forgiving. :frowning:

If anyone has some ideas on how to automate the process, let us know. For example, there is scripting available for the Google Console – perhaps this could help.