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Measuring an object with pixels

Hi, I have a Vizycam and I was hoping to simply use it to measure objects coming off a conveyor belt and to send an alarm if the object dimensions are outside of defined limits. I have read much about using Vizy against a photo library on the fly, this does not seem like it will work for this project. Additionally, I have not seen a way to measure on the fly, Motionscope appears to be post processing of the video. I know there is a function in Pizycam where if your distance from the camera to the object are fixed, you can count the pixels and send an alarm if the object is outside of pixel measument specifications but I have not come across any documentation or side project documentation on the Vizycam to do this. Can you provide a direction to focus?

It sounds like you need to implement an image processing model. OpenCV is a great library for doing this. Check out the “Edge Detection” example. It’s a straightforward application of OpenCV. One of the advantages of Vizy over something like Pixy is that you have lots of image processing choices that are available because of the memory and processing power available.

You might find that characterizing the hue and/or pattern of the conveyer belt and then subtracting these pixels will give you the ability to detect objects on the conveyer belt (based on what’s left in the image), including their dimensions. There might be other visual cues you can use. The image processing steps that give you the detection accuracy you need is usually customized to the application. Feel free to ask any specific questions. We’ll try to help. :slight_smile: