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Birdfinder- Edit constants

Hello Guys,
I am struggling a bit to optimize the birdfinder app to work as a cat ( pest in this case) detector. To do that may be useful to quickly access to the constants editing…but this is actually not working by the app button. Pushing the constant editing button the browser remains stuck on loading (http://vizy.local/app/b’’://None/editor/loadfiles=etc%2Fbirdfeeder_consts.py) .
Do you have the same trouble?
Only option I currently see is to connect the vizy to a monitor/keyboard and modify the birdfeeder_consts.py manually, do you have a better idea?

You’re right, there has been a regression. :frowning: Thanks for reporting :slight_smile: We’ll get this fixed in the next release. In the meantime, you can edit the consts file via ssh or the shell:


and nano, or vi. The file is located in /home/pi/etc/birdfeeder_consts.py. Sorry about that…