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Birdfeeder and Google photos

I’m having trouble getting the birdfeeder app to work with google photos.

I followed the instructions (https://docs.vizycam.com/doku.php?id=wiki:google_cloud_setup) and all went well. I can select Google Cloud from the Vizy menu and successfully send another test image. And I can use the browser on the Vizy (outside of the app) to sign into my google photos account and upload a photo that way. But…

The Birdfeeder app, can’t upload images. I get this in the console window:

Uploading 2021_10_20_06_29_23_789092.jpg
Error uploading /home/pi/vizy/apps/birdfeeder/media/2021_10_20_06_29_23_789092.jpg

Does this work for others? Any hints on how to debug the issue?

Yes … google photos is working for me.

Thanks for replying plord12.

Quick update: Google photos now works for me with Vizy version 0.0.84.

That’s good news! :slight_smile:

hey, im having the same issue but i have updated to the latest FW.
Error uploading /home/pi/vizy/apps/birdfeeder/media/2022_04_14_22_21_19_679691.jpg to Birdfeeder
Uploading 2022_04_15_19_52_34_753365.jpg

The test image also gave an error: An error occurred.

I see that every time i remove the authentication it creates a new file when i reverify. I can post this if needed but it probably contains private info. Its called gcloud.auth

I think we’ve contacted you via private email (yes?)


Hi Edward,

I have not received an email yet.

Thank you!