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Application poll

Hey everybody,
In our effort to shed some light on the relative interest of Vizy’s applications, we have this little poll. Please choose the application you want the most. We will develop all 4 (and more), but this will inform our software development. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you would like to see an application not listed, please post here or start a topic in this category (Applications).


  • Birdfeeder
  • Motionscope
  • Pet companion
  • Astronomy

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I would really like an application to fire a water hose or nerf gun turrent mounted on servos. Similar to the bird feeder/squirrel intruder alert demo in the Vizy promos, but mounted on a turret that pan/tilts and tracks the target.

If you make this I can’t promise I won’t use it on my children.

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A little bit surprised that the “Ready-to-run applications” arn’t, well, ready to run …

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We had some twitter back and forth with OtO Lawn: https://otolawn.com/
Several of us here would like to see it paired with Vizy – to chase intruders, pests, or your kids… :slight_smile:



Yes, the ready-to-run applications are not ready-to-run yet.

Our next Kickstarter update will include a software schedule. We are indeed late with the applications, but hopefully our transparency is helpful. Our efforts are focused on making sure the Vizy is a quality product, which includes the software-- but we are truly sorry for the delays.


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No problem … I guess I just didn’t spot that the applications wern’t yet done.

Looking forward to trying them out :slight_smile: