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Anyone working on a car speed detector and license plate reader app?

I have a problem with speeding cars on my street where my kids play. I would love an app that captures data on cars and how fast they are going. amazing if speeders could be recorded and video with overlay text showing the plate and speed could be automatically uploaded to my google account. For starters a table of licence plates and speed would be great.

What you describe is very close to an application we have on our list. :slight_smile: It’s likely the first application we plan on implementing after our initial apps are released.

The uploaded pics and videos could go in a public “shame” folder that would be shared on Nextdoor. :slight_smile:

There are technical challenges getting the license plate segmented and possibly converted to characters, but getting decent pictures that are human-readable (at least) should be possible.


Here’s a project that covers the licence plate decoding part:


This is the first project I’d like to undertake

I personally think this is a great project. I imagine that you could upload pictures of offending cars and their license plates to you neighborhood mailing list :slight_smile:

An application that does this is on our list, but we’re not sure when we’ll get to it. Let us know if you need any help :slight_smile: This application guide/tutorial can be helpful.