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Would an Arducam C-mount to Canon lens adaptor fit on the Vizy?


I was wondering if the Arducam for Canon EOS Lens to C-Mount Lens Adapter would fit on the Vizy?

I read on the Vizy website that C-mount lenses are supported, but looking at the layout of the Vizy enclosure it seems that the protrusion on the front side may get in the way of this adapter.

It looks good except for the “visor” as you suspected. Worst case you can remove some of the visor. The visor is there to prevent glare, but it’s not necessary and can be completely removed (by cutting it off) or reduced if needed.

It may be possible to add spacers to prevent this type of modification. It looks like the adapter comes with at least 1 spacer. Sometimes getting the back-focus correct requires extra spacers, so you might not need to harm you Vizy after all.

Hope this helps!