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Wide angle lens recommendations?

Hi what are some cost-effective options for wide-ish angle lens for Vizy?

The Arducam EF-S adapter works well, so I guess some cheaper Canon glass would do, but which are some good options for angles wide enough for Vizy outdoor applications? 8MM or lower?

Or are there good CS lens? Not sure if Arducam lens are good.

the default lens is ok, but is just too blurry at some 12+ feet

The lens that comes with Vizy is about 85 degree field-of-view, horizontal. It’s a high-quality 5-megapixel lens and should have good clarity (it shouldn’t be blurry.) Lack of clarity can be caused by smudges in the optical path – including the IR-cut filter and lens (back and front surfaces). You might inspect these. Loosening the set screw on lens adapter will allow you to adjust focus, but I’m guessing you’ve already tried this. Let me know if you need some help with this.

Keep in mind that while 8mm is considered a wide-angle lens, this assumes a 35mm sensor. Vizy’s sensor is much smaller at 6.2mm wide.

The formula for the horizontal field-of-view for a 6.2mm wide sensor is:

FOV = 2*atan(6.2/(2f))

where f is the focal length in mm.

To achieve an 85 degree FOV, the lens that comes with Vizy is 3.25mm (very short).

The other challenge with wide-angle lenses is the f-stop and the distortion. The lens that comes with Vizy is f2.0 and the distortion is about 1%.