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System software updates?

How will system software updates be handled (Raspberry Pi OS, sudo apt update / upgrade, etc)?

Will the update script on Vizy.local take care of these? Or do users update on their own?

If we’re on our own, will there be a way for us to know whether Vizy SW is compatible with system software updates?

It might not be an issue most of the time, but occasionally …

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Hi Ed,
We’ll make sure our software runs without issues and apply updates as needed as part of the Vizy software updates. Important system security updates will be included. These updates may not include updates that you personally may want for running different software on Vizy.

If you end up breaking the Vizy software for whatever reason please do tell us ([email protected]
it’s important info for us to know/consider for future software, etc.) You can download the Vizy image and reflash your sd-card to get back to a fresh, working installation.

If system updates break the Vizy software (sudo apt update, sudo apt full-upgrade, sudo rpi-update) we’ll likely/hopefully know about it and have fixes in the update stream. or we’ll be working hard on getting an update out asap! :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the reply - sounds good!

A suggestion:

would be good to add the shell-based update instructions to the Wiki too.
Can be useful if the browser based updater fails.

This is a good idea. We will add to the docs, but for reference:

  1. Log in
  2. cd to vizy/scripts
  3. run ./install_update