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Swapping for another Raspberry Pi 4B


I live in the UK and my Vizy arrived yesterday! The setup instructions worked perfectly for me, although I must admit to my shame I actually plugged the power into the headphone jack at first. Happily the Vizy didn’t fry and I was up and running after applying the update and was able to run tensorflow, tensorflow lite, etc. etc.

One question: My Vizy is a 4GB Raspberry Pi version and I happen to own an 8GB Raspberry Pi 4B. Is there anything stopping me from swapping in my own Pi? I cracked open the case and noticed the installed Pi had some stick on heatsinks. Other than the heatsinks, is there anything else I would need to prepare in order to do the swap?

Thanks for making the Vizy. I’m really excited about it. I also really enjoyed the Pixy years ago.

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Hello peace_hippie,
Thanks! We’re happy that you like your Vizy. :slight_smile:

Swapping in a new Raspberry Pi is as straightforward as you suspect – nothing special needs to be done. You can probably even transfer the heatsinks to the new Pi. The SD card will work as-is.



I can confirm it was very straightforward.

Just have to take apart the enclosure - disassemble the cable for the fan and the camera.

Carefully remove the camera ribbon cable and then the sd card - switch out the new pi and reconnect everything and good to go.

I did all this and havent had any issues thus far!