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PoE injector not supplied ... which one to order?

I see the PoE option doesn’t include an injector …

Is there an injector that is known to work with vizy ? either supplies the correct voltage/wattage or has the right connector to use the supplied vizy power adapter.


There are lots of injectors that will work with Vizy.

The main things to keep in mind:

  • 15W (minimum)
  • 802.3af compatible
  • 1000BASE-T (gigabit) compatible


Something like these will work:


Thanks :slight_smile:

A couple of confusing terms -

  • PoE vs PoE+ … I believe to get the right power we need PoE+
  • Vizy needs 12V but the PoE injectors generate 48V … I assume the splitter switches 48V to 12V

All PoE’s send 48V (nominal) over the Ethernet cable. The higher voltage means fewer losses (less current) across the thin-gauge wires of Ethernet cables for a given amount of power. The 48V is converted to 12V with a DC switcher inside our splitter. Different splitters can reduce the 48V to other voltages (5V is common).

Digging further into this – the PoE splitter that we’re offering can supply 15W, or 1.25A at 12V.

This is above the PoE spec of 12.95W, but below the PoE+ spec of 25.5W. Will a PoE (no +) injector work with our PoE splitter? Yes, absolutely. And you should still have enough power for Vizy, the IR light in the outdoor enclosure, the cellular modem, and even possibly a Coral AI accelerator.

Given this info – you can save some money and choose something like this for your injector:

This injector happens to source 15.4W, more than the minimum PoE 12.95W…

I edited my original message, reducing the minimum wattage from 25W to 15W. An injector with more wattage is fine, but anything above 15W won’t be fully useable when used with our splitter. (Sorry about that.)


Many thanks.

I now have a working assembly (inc PoE, zoom lens and enclosure) :slight_smile: