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Pet Companion and Web Sharing

Hey everyone,
We saw an opportunity to cross off two things on our software to-do list before tackling more advanced MotionScope features. The latest software release (0.1.98) includes Pet Companion – a new example that will help you keep tabs on your pet, and possibly feed him/her treats throughout the day remotely.

Pet Companion also has a nice tutorial that will help you learn how to create new Vizy Applications.

Also included in this release is Web Sharing, which allows you to access your Vizy from anywhere on the Internet, even if your Vizy is behind a firewall or router, which is typically the case. Web Sharing is perfect for an application like Pet Companion β€” you know, so you can share the URL with your friends. Now they too can say hello and give your little guy/gal treats.

Enjoy – don’t forget to update!

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