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New Vizy release (0.2.130)

Hi everyone!
Hope all’s well out there. We’ve been busy little software elves lately, adding several improvements to Vizy’s software:

Updating your Vizy’s software is easy!

As always, let us know your thoughts and suggestions :slight_smile:

The update removed the app that I’d been working on from the /home/pi/vizy/examples/ directory. I was a bit terrified because I didn’t have backups. I then found that you’d made a copy of the /home/pi/vizy/ directory in ~/vizy.bak and recovered from there, but it’d be nice to have known that in advance or better yet not to have modified directories that aren’t part of the distribution.

Thank you for the feedback. You’re saying that you would have preferred that the code you were working on in the vizy directory stayed in place and the new code was installed around it?


Yes, I think so. I had created a new directory for my app under ~/vizy/examples and that directory would not have interfered with the installation or operation of any of the default apps or examples so there was no reason IMO to remove my app’s directory.

I understand. Thanks!


Thank you!