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New Vizy image

There have been several changes in the various Python libraries that Vizy uses that have caused issues with Vizy software updates. These issues tend to increase with time, so we’ve created a new disk image that has the latest Vizy software installed and working. This image will work on your Vizy regardless of OS version, kernel version, driver versions, Python library versions, etc., etc.

To install this image on your Vizy:

  1. Download the image here.
  2. Download the Pi imager here and use it to install the image on your existing Vizy SD-card or a new SD-card. Note, you will lose the data on your old Vizy SD-card if you choose to use your existing SD-card.
  3. Install this new SD-card into your Vizy. This entails opening up your Vizy. The SD-card is located on the bottom side of the Raspberry Pi.
  4. Once Vizy boots up, it can be connected to described here and here.

This image also has some bonuses:

  1. A Google API key, so you don’t need to create one yourself (that is, you don’t need to follow the steps here, you can skip ahead and authorize your Gmail account described here.
  2. Motionscope data example
  3. Object detector test example projects

Enjoy :slight_smile: