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Google Cloud configuration - Google says

Just got connected with my Vizy for the first time. When I select Google Cloud from the elipses (triple bar) menu, I have a button to Authenticate, however when I click the button, I get this error suggesting I go “BACK TO SAFETY”


New here so perhaps this isn’t the right place to report this? But just wanted to get it out there.
Currently running Vizy version 0.0.86.

Also, I found where the documentation recommends creating a separate gmail account for the Vizy, thus mitigating the security issue of allowing this

This is kind of an alarming message (agreed), but it’s actually expected when you set up cloud services for your Vizy. What it’s saying that Google can’t vouch for what Vizy is going to do and you should proceed with caution.

We recommend only using a separate Google account for your Vizy. This account should contain no personal information.