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Extended Outdoor rated power cable

As the title says I think having the option to buy a longer power cable that is outdoor rated would be great for those not wanting to or not being able to incorporate PoE. I considered buying the Power over Ethernet option, but realized my wiring would still be hectic.

Thus, a longer power cable similar to those for outdoor security cameras would be a very handy solution and allow Vizy owners to place and mount this in many locations based on their wants/needs.

Perhaps providing a few different length options would superb as well.

For example a 25 foot cable would be perfect for my situation.

Then I dont have to hassle with the vizy plug and an extension cable and then ensuring I protect it from the elements.

Hopefully others would find this option for longer power cables useful as well!

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not an expert here, but a long DC 12V cable would probably have voltage drop issues. How long before there are issues? I’m not sure :slight_smile:

The PoE uses a higher voltage and lower current, so the drop in voltage is reduced. PoE is designed for up to 100m, which is pretty great. :slight_smile: