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Change Log?

Is there a change log somewhere for the different versions of software? Is there a place where you can download an update package that the software expects in the update window? I see the option to drop in a package. I am running 0.0.75 currently.


We’ve been relying on github for keeping track of the changes, but I guess the answer to your question is that we don’t have a changelog for each release. For major releases, we post on this forum with a description of the changes.

Regarding downloading – do you want to download and inspect before installing? We recommend just using the updater to automatically install the latest release.


Ok, I’ll use the update button. I just can’t do that via the Wifi hotspot mode. I’ll have to dig up some cables. I originally put this on the shelf when I first got it because I couldn’t get it on my wifi. I would show as connected by my router, but I could never load it. I was hoping that newer software might resolve whatever that issue was. I’ll break out the cables and connect that way to update.


Hi Eric,
Sorry for the problems. Is there anything special about your wifi network such as hidden SSID? In hotspot mode, it doesn’t have an outside network connection, but it sounds like you understand. Let me know what you find.


I got it updated to the latest by using the wire connection. I can see that it feels it is connected to my wireless network and my router sees it also. Everything works well and I can use the web interface as long as I keep it connected. As soon as I disconnect it no longer works. For my immediate application I can leave it wired.

Hmm, it sounds like there’s nothing remarkable about your WiFi network (yes?) For some extra diagnostics, you can try to do an “ifconfig” from the shell to get the IP addresses. Pay attention to the IP address of the WiFI adapter that Vizy thinks it has (if any). Can you ping that address from your local network? That is, if Vizy is connection via WiFi (in addition to wired Ethernet) it should have two IP addresses. (If none of this makes sense, I can go into more detail.)


That does make sense. I’ll give it a look.

My 2 Cents. I think Vizy’s updater is a minor miracle. I’ve run it twice on 2 different cams, and it just works. My only complaint was what I ref’d to in another thread; it moves user apps, so backup your mods before JIC.

It did work great once I rigged up a wired connection. I have not gotten wireless to work on the Vizy image yet other than in hotspot mode. I was asking about the option to drop files in the updater since I could have done that without having to go to the basement to get a “hard line”.