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AWB causes Red/Magenta images

I’m not sure if this is a hardware or a software issue. Regardless of the application or example, all the images from my vizycam are tinted red/magenta when the Automatic White Balance is enabled. I’ve tried several different lighting conditions and environments, but this is always the case.

I turned it off with: self.camera.awb=False and it appears to be fine. Any help here?


addendum I tried to post a second image showing it in the off case but the stupid board software blocked me from having more than one image per topic. I left the second image reference in here JIC it’s obtainable by the admin.

Sorry for the problems. It looks like the IR filter might be disabled. Go to the Video example

And then click on the IR filter checkbox
Image 1446

Let me know what you find.


I don’t think it’s the IR filter. I looked at the “Pic Taker” example which has the IR control exposed, and disabling it makes it much worse.

This is what that the original post looked like with AWB off.

Disabling the IR filter will make the image appear red, which is why I thought it was disabled. It does appear quite red. We’re going to contact you via email.


You were correct. Replacing the camera module fixed it. Thanks for the rapid support!

Here’s some pix with the new module. First is with AWB off, and the second is with it on. IMO AWB off is more accurate. AWB on seems to have a blue bias. Again, thanks!

That’s good news. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: