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Auto starting default app issue (just a wish)

I’ve gotten to like the Vizy app dev environment, but one thing is fairly annoying. I’m a horrible Python programmer and make frequent syntax mistakes. I have the Console open to see the rather judgmental (IMO) Python error messages spew forth when I restart the app I’m working on from the browser. When my app suffers the inevitable syntax error, the Vizy environment proceeds to load the default app (Birdfeeder) instead. When the default app starts it spews 100’s of lines of info messages to the Console which forces me to scroll back those 100’s of lines to see my desired error message(s).

If I set my app to be the default app, the errors just keep whipping across the console in an endless loop as the environment tries to restart my failed app.

It’d be nice if there was some kind of option in the dev environment to just STOP on a failed execution.

Sorry in advance for whining

There is some logic to start another app if the server doesn’t initialize within a certain amount of time, but if it crashes before then, it could get caught in a loop. Does your app crash fairly quickly?


Unless it’s one of the threads (4) it usually crashes for a syntax error almost immediately. If it’s in one of the threads it doesn’t cause the problem above because the app is already started.

I now see your logic in why you start something else, it makes perfect sense. Like I said, it’s just a wishful thinking thing because it’s no fun to scroll back a 100 lines. Perhaps I could learn not to instinctively put semicolons at the end of statements, indent more pedantically, and remember that if statements end in a colon and have no parens.

I think there is still room for improvement with the start logic. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: